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Games & Activities

For anyone using screen reader software to view this page, we are aware that the Flash-based games and activities listed below have not yet been optimized for screen readers. We are working to correct these issues, so be sure to check back soon for new versions of the IBEX games and activities!

This page features online games and activities appropriate for kids and their families. The games and activities are geared toward people who visit the site from their home computers, or other informal educational settings. The content of the games seeks to educate those who play about different aspects of the IBEX mission, as well as content background.

States of Matter / Estados de la Materia

Image of the 'States of Matter' game

Sorting the Universe / Ordenando el Universo

Image of the 'Sorting the Universe' game

Magnetic Pinball / Flipper Magnético

Image of the 'Magnetic Pinball' game

Spin the Spacecraft / Gira la Nave

Image of the 'Spind the Spacecraft' game

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