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Data Products
The IBEX team is committed to delivering comprehensive, high-quality data from the IBEX mission quickly and completely.
The IBEX data set consists of global H ENA images as a function of energy and angular O distributions as a function of time-of-year. The first ENA observations of the interstellar boundaries will be available within a month after sensor turn-on, with the first complete global images produced ~6 months later, and the full statistics images after 2 years of observation. A complete set of O flux distributions will be generated each year. IBEX data and the results of coordinated analyses will be delivered in timely manner throughout the mission.
Because we seek to post-analyze the data in the most complete and flexible ways, all double and triple coincidence events are telemetered down individually as direct events (DEs); in addition we send back various singles rates and summed counts.
On the ground, aberration, calibrations factors and all other corrections are applied on an ENA-by-ENA basis. It is important that the heliospheric ENA images be free of magnetospheric foreground. Therefore, we cull the data that come from the direction of the magnetosphere (a function of orbital position and time of year). While not a part of the IBEX mission, magnetospheric ENA observations should provide a valuable additional data set for magnetosphere studies. All raw data, calibration/conversion software, final heliospheric images, magnetospheric ENA observations, calculation and model results are made available to the public as soon as possible.
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