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Flight System
Image of IBEX Flight System Components
The IBEX spacecraft is built from Orbital Sciences Corporation's (Orbital's) off-the-shelf, high-reliability MicroStar subsystems and supporting software, which have been proven on a total of 38 successful MicroStar spacecraft and include some functional redundancy and proven autonomous fault detection and correction capabilities. The spacecraft is coupled with an ATK Star 27 solid rocket motor (SRM), which boosts it from the injection orbit to its high altitude apogee. The spacecraft, SRM and Launch Vehicle are connected by an adapter cone and 3 motorized light bands. In order to minimize mass, IBEX features a simple, heritage thrust tube-based structure with substantial strength and stiffness margins. The IBEX hydrazine propulsion system features a fully flight-qualified architecture with significant excess capacity. Because IBEX is a simple spinning spacecraft, thermal design and pointing margins are robust and easy to achieve.
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