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Orbit-Raising Diagram
IBEX launch consists of 2 phases: 1) Launch from Kwajalein on Pegasus LV, including spin up, and 2) SRM operations, which begin with LV separation. Launch operations are performed with a standard Pegasus XL.
Spin Diagram
Orbit raising is executed through a STAR-27 Solid Rocket Motor (SRM) burn that raises apogee to 37 RE. A S/C hydrazine system boosts perigee to 7000 km. Routine Operations performed at a nominal orbit of 37 Re x 7000 km altitude, ~5 days per orbit; Sun-pointing spinning S/C (4 rpm); Science Observations > 10 Re; Engineering <10 Re (Data download and command upload, Adjust spin axis ˜5° (Earth's orbital motion)); Nearly full sky viewing each 6 months.
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