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Data Command and Handling Diagram
The IBEX approach to mission operations builds on Orbital's extensive experience in the design and integration of ground systems for the command and control of spacecraft and on SwRI's experience in managing science operations. The IBEX data plan provides for the timely processing, validation, dissemination and archiving of IBEX data, ensuring that the science community has rapid access to IBEX science products.
IBEX ground systems consist of the Mission Control Center (MCC) at Orbital's Dulles, VA facility, Universal space Network (USN) ground stations and the IBEX Science Operations Center (ISOC) located at SwRI in San Antonio. In addition, the TDRSS network is used during early launch operations to monitor the SRM burn in real time. The ISOC is responsible for evaluating mission data, monitoring payload performance, and delivering IBEX data products. It plans the operations and generates the detailed science and engineering schedule. ISOC processes all mission science and calibration data, distributes science data to the IBEX team, makes data continuously available to the public through a web interface to an Oracle database and prepares and releases the IBEX science archive to the NSSDC.
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